Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Motorola's Moto X - reviewers's "Moto X", the cellphone maker's first flagship device since Google bought the company in 2012, stands out in a crowded market due to its customizable colors and materials, yet stops short of being an "iPhone killer," reviewers said.

The highly anticipated Moto X is Motorola's latest attempt to

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Apple iPhone 4S Review


  • More power
  • Siri adds a fun element
  • iOS 5 brings in a lot of new features
  • Higher spec camera does very well


  • Looks exactly like the iPhone 4
  • Costs a lot of money

Contrary to what the general opinion suggests, the upgrades are significant. While the dual core processor may not give the illusion of the extra power when compared to the 4 in most usage scenarios, but the moment you open HD games, you know what you have spent the extra money for! The only thing that disappoints

Samsung Galaxy S III Review



  • Most powerful Android smartphone in the market
  • Brilliant display
  • Good battery life, considering the power available
  • We feel it is built well
  • Excellent camera
  • TouchWiz has evolved into the slickest UI around


  • S-Voice does not have any sense of humour
  • May be too big for some users
  • Does clearly heat up under most usage scenarios

Ladies and gentlemen, this is undoubtedly the most powerful Android smartphone at the moment. And it doesn't look like anyone is taking that crown away from the Galaxy S III in a hurry. We have to vehemently defend Samsung against all the criticisms regarding the Pentile display and the so-called plasticky build quality. In both cases, the final product is absolutely brilliant, and totally worth the effort.

HTC One X’s reign as the best Android smartphone in the world was quite short-lived. The Samsung Galaxy S III has

Lenovo IdeaPhone K900 Review


  • Built very well
  • Imposing form factor
  • Crisp display
  • Good performance


  • Heats up a lot, even under minimal stress
  • Direct impact on battery life
  • Too big for single hand operation

An imposing phone, the K900 sports an impressive build, a great display, solid performance, and rather decent camera. For what is Intel's first serious attempt at the high-end smartphone market, currently dominated by Qualcomm's Snapdragon series of processors, this is a rather good beginning. However, heating issues need to be sorted quickly, if the IdeaPhone K900 is any indication.

Lenovo is better known for its laptops and ultrabooks, but may not be the first name that comes to mind when you talk about high-end smartphones. But, the IdeaPhone K900 is one such beast, which does

BlackBerry Z10 Review


  • Built like a rock, without feeling rough
  • Classy minimalistic design
  • BB10 stacked UI is very slick
  • Gestures actually help with swift navigation
  • Surprisingly good camera
  • Time Shift camera feature is very neat
  • Excellent browser
  • Very good display - crisp and rich


  • BB10 has quite a few bugs that need ironing out
  • Email sync isn't as smooth as in OS7 and earlier
  • Quite a few popular apps are still missing
  • Link desktop software misses out on critical features
  • Google contact sync tends to duplicate contacts at times

With the Z10, BlackBerry seems to be turning a corner. It is a very good smartphone, with regards the hardware and the potential of the spanking new BB10 OS. The camera is excellent, and surprisingly matches up to the iPhone 5. You do not need to pay separate for a BlackBerry data plan with BB10 phones. Hub integrates all your mail and social networking updates at one place, and that is rather cool. However, the BB10 OS has some bugs that need to be ironed out soon enough. If apps like WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Instagram and Skype are

Sony Xperia Z Review


  • Refreshing design
  • Water and dust resistant build
  • Very good performance
  • Full HD display is impressive
  • Excellent camera
  • Redone UI is neat and more streamlined


  • Still not the very latest Android version
  • Glass back is prone to scratches

The Sony Xperia Z is a very powerful Android smartphone, and is pretty much on the same level as the HTC Butterfly in terms of performance. But, the fact that the Xperia Z is slightly taller and wider than the HTC Butterfly may not be ideal for quite a few users. It packs a fairly good display, and the redone UI is neat. Clearly, Sony is making a big push in the Android smartphone market, and the motivation seems to be in place. This phone is a big improvement over all Xperia phones we saw in 2012. While it may not be the one to taken Sony to the coveted top spot among the Android smartphones, it is a step in the right direction. With the Sony Xperia Z priced at Rs. 38,990, the HTC Butterfly seems expensive,

Nokia Lumia 920 Review


  • 1280x768 pixel PureMotion HD+ display with gloves support
  • Built-in wireless charging
  • Built-in Dolby audio processing
  • Fast lens+OIS yields amazing video even in low light
  • Low light performance is quite good
  • OS is extremely fluid without any lag or jitter


  • Slightly bulky
  • Wireless charging pad not part of standard retail package
  • Low-light mode's aggressive noise reduction impacts detail
  • Lack of apps for the Windows Phone 8 OS can be a little frustrating

The Lumia 920 is Nokia's latest flagship, and runs the spanking new Windows Phone 8 OS. There is a lot of hype around the PureView camera, but isn't as exceptional as Nokia would have you believe. However, it is still quite amazing, besting the iPhone 5 in most situations, including low-light environments and video quality. The lack of apps for the Windows Phone 8 platform is honestly not a deal breaker. You do get a lot of WP8 and Nokia exclusive features anyway. If you're in the market for a new high end smartphone, the Lumia 920 should be something you definitely consider.

The Nokia flagship has finally landed, with the Lumia 920 now adorning store shelves in all Nokia Priority stores across the country. We’ve been really excited about this phone and the camera isn’t the only reason. When Nokia first unveiled the device, the Lumia 920 had impressed us with its

LG Nexus 4 E960 Review


  • Good display
  • Sexy design
  • Great performer
  • Smooth multitasking
  • Upgradable to the latest Android version as it is released


  • Lacklustre camera
  • No expandable storage
  • Rear panel is prone to scratches

If you have been waiting for it, just go and pick it up. It's awesome. The display is good, performance is excellent, you will be the first to receive all the Android updates and the phone simply looks gorgeous. On the downside, there is no expandable storage, the camera is lacklustre in low lighting and the earpiece has audio leaking. If you are searching for a smartphone between Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 30,000, the Nexus 4 can be at the top of your list along with the LG Optimus G, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung Galaxy Note N-7000 and the HTC One X+.

It’s finally here. After months of speculation, countless pre-order listings and rumours circulating the Internet, the Nexus 4 16GB is available in India in black as well as white.
Now that we have had ample time with the Nexus 4, we thought we’d put it through its paces and see how it compares with other smartphones available in the Rs. 25,000 price point. Does the Nexus 4 live up to

Apple iPhone 5 Review


  • Blazing fast performance
  • Much improved display
  • Widescreen aspect ratio brilliant for multimedia
  • Lighter than the iPhone 4S
  • Excellent build quality
  • Camera is improved over the 4S
  • Doesn't heat up like the 4S
  • Surprisingly good battery life


  • Costs a lot of money
  • Nano SIM is a pain to procure
  • The OS just looks plain dated
  • Apple has messed up the Maps, big time

The Apple iPhone 5 is the best iPhone in the market, but that really isn't a surprise, is it? But then again, for a phone that costs Rs. 45,500, it better justify the expense. The iPhone 5 is an incremental update over the 4S, but the best phone incrementally improved is equal to a huge improvement. Yes, the nano-SIM is a pain to get, and the Maps are pretty much ruined. But what you get is exquisite build quality, blazing fast performance, very good battery life, one of the best cameras in a phone and a display that just makes using the iPhone a lot more fun.

We saw the leaked images. And then we saw more leaked images, and specifications. And then some more! When the iPhone 5 actually released, it was like the worst kept secret. The critics found that

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review


  • Excellent performance
  • Crisp and vivid display
  • Plethora of unique features
  • Good battery life
  • Camera works well in good light


  • Lacks that premium feel
  • Too many features can confuse

The fight is on. It is really on now. HTC played the first stroke, with that gorgeous HTC One. Samsung responded with the Galaxy S4. Fair amount of criticism has been showed S4's way for the plastic build. The aluminum unibody on the HTC One has taken the benchmark a tad further, without doubt. But, Samsung is instead, trying to compensate for that with a spectrum of features that you may or may not use daily. Performance is undisputable, and the display is one of the better ones around at this time. Not everyone wants an aluminum phone and those who turn up their noses at anything else can buy what they like. But, we would strongly recommend that

HTC One Review


  • Great looks and build quality
  • Sharp and balanced display
  • Best in class performance
  • Good call quality and battery life
  • Zoe is a neat feature
  • Very good audio playback


  • Camera shoots dull looking photos
  • Interface has limited customization
  • Expensive

You’ve got to feel for HTC. The Taiwanese phone maker has been churning out quality devices for years now but every single time, no matter how good the phones are, they always tend to be overshadowed by the likes of Samsung. This time around, we’ve got the HTC One, a phone that exudes class and polish and manages to impress the hell out of us with its performance and features. But does it do enough to help HTC withstand the upcoming juggernaut that is Samsung Galaxy S4?

Let’s take a look:


On account of being a top of the line smartphone, HTC has packed in almost every single feature you can think of into the One. As has become standard on most high-end Android smartphones,

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Apple's iPhone 5 pre-orders exceed expectations

REUTERS - Demand for Apple Inc's (NSQ:AAPL - News) new smartphone, the iPhone 5, has exceeded initial supply, making it the fastest-selling iPhone ever and pushing the delivery date for some pre-orders to next month.
Apple said on that pre-orders for the new mobile device surpassed 2 million in the first 24 hours. A majority of pre-ordered phones will be delivered as planned by September

Monday, September 17, 2012

Memmoo, speak with many, to launch in Kerala

Kochi, Sep 15 (IANS) Britain's KloudPaD, a mobile electronics convergence brand, is ready with its non-GSM based wireless open phone memmoo network for consumers in Kerala.
This was announced at the Emerging Kerala investor meet that concluded at Kochi Friday by the inventors - two brothers - who hail from Thiruvananthapuram but are now based in Britain.
"This is the world's first social network mobile phone without a

Saturday, September 15, 2012

World’s Biggest Android Tablet by Japan

Frontier have launched world’s Biggest Android tabletFrontier FT103 Kouziro tablet of 21.5 inches, which works on Android 4.0.3. Ice Cream Sandwich OS and having weight of 5 pounds. As soon as we saw it we thought that would be interesting to know what kind of battery is used and how long it last but the fact is that only he works with

Upcoming Windows Phone 7 Smartphones

Microsoft has been into mobile phones scene for a while now, even though they started as early as with their invention of Windows Mobile OS, but they did not gauge the potential of market and filed to understand how important it would become until the last quarter of 2010, that is when they finally upgraded from windows mobile operating system to refreshing and robust Windows 7 OS. It was a much needed change as their main competitor Google had already started to rack big market shares in mobile operating system industry. There have always been some advantages to early starters, which in this game Google acquired. The android is getting stronger and more widely used by every coming day, leaving Windows Phone 7 behind.
Upcoming Windows Phone 7
Upcoming Windows Phone 7

Before we proceed to list of upcoming WP phones, we would like to shed light on some of interesting statistics,