Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tablets: Just for Games and Videos?

not just a pastime gadget, not just a video player or net browser. The tablet can do a lot more for you.Do you have a tablet? What do you do with it? Some sure variables in your answer will be - play games, watch videos and browse the internet. Are our tablet habits corresponding to what they really stand for?
Tablets are the buzzword in every electronics shop overcrowded with Tablet enthusiasts. The expectations of each person who bumps into Tablets offered by multitude of companies, starting from the so called local brands to the highly priced international brands, differ with regard to the penny left in his/her pocket. All eyes are on the tablets which have a high entertainment prospect, regardless of what segment they belong.
For some, the tablet is nothing but the extension of their Smartphone. They want to experience better access and seamless internet connectivity in a wider screen along with high resolution videos and games. People's attitude towards Tablets is like looking forest for the trees. They give the minutest attention to the specification, which they believe can best fulfill their desires, usually ending up in playing games and video playback,  thus forgetting the larger benefit of a tablet.
If tablets were to fulfill only the multimedia necessities of its users, what difference does it makes when compared with handheld game consoles? The tablet manufacturing companies rather than trying to remove the scale from the eyes of their users are trying to gain profit from the fallacy of their consumers who consider it as an entertainment platform. Companies now focus on equipping their devices with more video formats and embedded games, intentionally shutting off their wisdom to incorporate connectivity solutions and apps that can bring the office into the hands of  wide-travelling users whereever they go.
This precludes the possibilities of using tablets as an eBook reader, mobile office manager, edutainment device and most importantly as a communication gadget. The expectancy of battery life is assessed with regard to the number of hours it can work after continuous exposure to playing games.
Tablet users should realize the larger avenues offered by tablets and make decisions based on informed  thinking rather than falling prey to the whims of the manufacturers. Let's try to realize the huge potential that these handy gadgets hide inside them. When looked from  a different angle tablets are more cost effective devices than netbooks, with added features like 3G connectivity and SIM card support. It is the bane of tablets that such a high profile gadget is treated as a mere entertainment utility.

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