Saturday, September 15, 2012

Must Have Free Android Productivity Apps

To enhance the productivity of your valuable Android gadget, Smartphone or tablet, there is a wide range of productivity apps available online. These apps increase the speed response of your gadget so that you can enjoy quick and smart performance.  You can download some applications online without spending any money. Here we are discussing about some most popular Android Productivity Apps.
ColorNote Notepad Notes
It is a simple but highly demanded application. This application allows you to create or edit notepads files. With this advanced app, you can prepare any note, email, message or anything important even on the move conveniently. Furthermore, it organizes all your notes with different colors so that you can easily separate your personal and professional notes. You can also protect your personal notes with password settings as well. These notes can be shared with your friends and family at any point of time through SMS, email, twitter, etc.
ASTRO File Manager
ASTRO File Manager is a useful and popular application which is downloaded by thousands of Android users and customers. It works like Windows Explorer in your gadget. You can easily surf and arrange the data of your mobile with this File manager. It is very handy to arrange images, video files, songs and other data files using this app. This smart application works very effectively to maintain the battery life of your gadget.  Featured with great picture view, it is the finest app which is recommended by the tech experts.
Highly developed Task Killer
This is one of the most popular Android Productivity Apps which is used by a number of people these days. Without this app, you cannot enjoy long battery backup. This advanced application kills or stops those processes which are turned on by mistake. With this application you need not worry about your battery backup. This useful application is available at different websites from where you can download it for your gadget. 
Carry all your images, important documents, videos and other files always with this usable Dropbox application. It is an advanced app which mechanically saves all the files to your Android gadget and website, which you save on Dropbox. You can further share your photos and videos with your friends using Dropbox. You can also save email attachments directly to this app. This smart application assures you about the safety of all your stuff and data when your phone gets misplaced or stolen.
Mobile Security
Mobile Security is a must have application of your Android gadget. This application assures you about the safety of your gadget and all its data. After the installation of this security application, it is very easy to track the location of your mobile. You can see the direction of your mobile no matter it is on move or not.
Thus, with the use of some handy Apps you can make your Android app smarter and useful. There are some other apps available as well. You can go online to check out more Android productivity applications.

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