Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Apple's iPhone 5 pre-orders exceed expectations

REUTERS - Demand for Apple Inc's (NSQ:AAPL - News) new smartphone, the iPhone 5, has exceeded initial supply, making it the fastest-selling iPhone ever and pushing the delivery date for some pre-orders to next month.
Apple said on that pre-orders for the new mobile device surpassed 2 million in the first 24 hours. A majority of pre-ordered phones will be delivered as planned by September

Monday, September 17, 2012

Memmoo, speak with many, to launch in Kerala

Kochi, Sep 15 (IANS) Britain's KloudPaD, a mobile electronics convergence brand, is ready with its non-GSM based wireless open phone memmoo network for consumers in Kerala.
This was announced at the Emerging Kerala investor meet that concluded at Kochi Friday by the inventors - two brothers - who hail from Thiruvananthapuram but are now based in Britain.
"This is the world's first social network mobile phone without a

Saturday, September 15, 2012

World’s Biggest Android Tablet by Japan


Frontier have launched world’s Biggest Android tabletFrontier FT103 Kouziro tablet of 21.5 inches, which works on Android 4.0.3. Ice Cream Sandwich OS and having weight of 5 pounds. As soon as we saw it we thought that would be interesting to know what kind of battery is used and how long it last but the fact is that only he works with

Upcoming Windows Phone 7 Smartphones


Microsoft has been into mobile phones scene for a while now, even though they started as early as with their invention of Windows Mobile OS, but they did not gauge the potential of market and filed to understand how important it would become until the last quarter of 2010, that is when they finally upgraded from windows mobile operating system to refreshing and robust Windows 7 OS. It was a much needed change as their main competitor Google had already started to rack big market shares in mobile operating system industry. There have always been some advantages to early starters, which in this game Google acquired. The android is getting stronger and more widely used by every coming day, leaving Windows Phone 7 behind.
Upcoming Windows Phone 7
Upcoming Windows Phone 7

Before we proceed to list of upcoming WP phones, we would like to shed light on some of interesting statistics,

5 Future Ecommerce Trends for Mobile


Mobile usage has certainly come of age, from a period where mobile was restricted to sending/receiving text messages and calls, to smartphones that can be used to browse the internet, for shopping, for navigating an unknown city, and so much more. With many industry leaders already declaring mobile as the next big thing, technology companies are clamoring to create better and more intuitive mobile apps, and e-commerce players want to give customers the best mobile shopping experience.
What does 2012 have in store for mobile? Here are some of the top trends for mobile eCommerce:
Easy and quick payment options
Smartphone and tablet users are often disappointed by the lack of payment options on mobile websites. Because a mobile user may be wary of sharing financial information via phone, e-commerce players must give customers more payment options, particularly those like PayPal and Google Wallet.
In 2011, PayPal started a mobile payment processing system, where users need to enter a PIN and the amount is deducted from their PayPal accounts. This makes the transaction hassle free for the user, and may increase the likelihood of repeat purchases.
Late night shopping
One key trend mobile e-commerce players will see in 2012 is the increase in late night shopping. According to Channel Advisor, order volumes start increasing around 8pm and are considerably high till midnight, especially for high end luxury retailers.
By introducing mobile only discounts and coupons, e-tailers can tap into a new market to increase sales.
QR code scanning for smartphones
57% smartphone users use QR and barcode scanning on their smartphones to look up new products. By attaching QR codes to in-store products, brick and mortar shops can provide customers with a new method of making a purchase.
QR code scanning is a convenient option for mobile users who can use it to find and compare products from multiple retailers.
Tablet device shopping
A large percentage of mobile customers use their tablet devices, such as the iPad, to make e-commerce purchases. Mobile optimized websites for tablet devices expands shopping options for the mobile savvy consumer and also gives them more options to choose from.
If your company doesn’t have a website that’s optimized for tablets, you may think of expanding mobile apps and introducing them for all kinds of smartphones and tablet devices.
Comparison shopping and catalogs for smartphones
A great use of smartphones is the ease with which customers can use it in-store to quickly compare shop prices with other retailers online. While this may reduce sales if your product is priced high compared to other e-tailers, it is just another way consumers are expanding their options via mobile. As an e-commerce player, you may think of introducing additional deals or free shipping to counteract what your competitors are offering.
Another trend that will form the core of mobile e-commerce in 2012 is the increase in the use of product catalogs that are optimized for mobile use. By introducing clickable, purchase ready links to cataloged products, e-commerce players can expand their customer base on mobile platforms too.
How these trends pan out in the year still remains to be seen, but more brands are now launching mobile apps and mobile optimized websites to cater to a broader set of customers. With mobile technology becoming more intuitive and clever, brands may need to constantly revise their mobile marketing strategies to make sure they stay at the top of their game.

Must Have Free Android Productivity Apps


To enhance the productivity of your valuable Android gadget, Smartphone or tablet, there is a wide range of productivity apps available online. These apps increase the speed response of your gadget so that you can enjoy quick and smart performance.  You can download some applications online without spending any money. Here we are discussing about some most popular Android Productivity Apps.
ColorNote Notepad Notes
It is a simple but highly demanded application. This application allows you to create or edit notepads files. With this advanced app, you can prepare any note, email, message or anything important even on the move conveniently. Furthermore, it organizes all your notes with different colors so that you can easily separate your personal and professional notes. You can also protect your personal notes with password settings as well. These notes can be shared with your friends and family at any point of time through SMS, email, twitter, etc.
ASTRO File Manager
ASTRO File Manager is a useful and popular application which is downloaded by thousands of Android users and customers. It works like Windows Explorer in your gadget. You can easily surf and arrange the data of your mobile with this File manager. It is very handy to arrange images, video files, songs and other data files using this app. This smart application works very effectively to maintain the battery life of your gadget.  Featured with great picture view, it is the finest app which is recommended by the tech experts.
Highly developed Task Killer
This is one of the most popular Android Productivity Apps which is used by a number of people these days. Without this app, you cannot enjoy long battery backup. This advanced application kills or stops those processes which are turned on by mistake. With this application you need not worry about your battery backup. This useful application is available at different websites from where you can download it for your gadget. 
Carry all your images, important documents, videos and other files always with this usable Dropbox application. It is an advanced app which mechanically saves all the files to your Android gadget and website, which you save on Dropbox. You can further share your photos and videos with your friends using Dropbox. You can also save email attachments directly to this app. This smart application assures you about the safety of all your stuff and data when your phone gets misplaced or stolen.
Mobile Security
Mobile Security is a must have application of your Android gadget. This application assures you about the safety of your gadget and all its data. After the installation of this security application, it is very easy to track the location of your mobile. You can see the direction of your mobile no matter it is on move or not.
Thus, with the use of some handy Apps you can make your Android app smarter and useful. There are some other apps available as well. You can go online to check out more Android productivity applications.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Apple's iPhone needs to dazzle

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The new iPhone 5 has to be more than just another smartphone as it carries the weight of Apple Inc's future on its slim frame.
Five years after the first iPhone upended the mobile industry, analysts say Apple is looking increasingly defensive as Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and other rivals have been first to market with phones that sport bigger screens or run on faster wireless networks.
Apple will try to close that gap on Wednesday with the unveiling of the newest iPhone, which is widely expected to offer 4G wireless technology for the first time, and a 4-inch display, up from the current 3.5 inches.
But it remains to be seen if Chief Executive Tim Cook has any surprises up his sleeve, and if he will show off any technological breakthroughs that can put the iPhone 5 head and shoulders above the competition.
"They have been in the crosshairs of a lot of companies for a long, long time," Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu said.
"They were the upstarts before," he added. "Now they are more in a defensive role."
Apple shares typically rally ahead of, and sell off after, a major product launch. They have gained 15 percent in the past six weeks to touch an all-time high on Monday.
Apple has grappled with competitive pressure since the first iPhone in 2007, though its rivals have changed as former market leaders such as Canada's Research in Motion or Finland's Nokia struggle, and as Asian powerhouse Samsung has come to the fore.
While no one company has yet been able to match Apple's seamless integration of hardware and software, Google Inc's Android has become the most-used mobile operating system in the world, and Samsung has the lead in device sales.
Wednesday's iPhone 5 launch also comes days after Nokia unwrapped its first phone to run the latest Microsoft Windows software, intended to spearhead a new family of devices.
"It is getting tougher to expand the market share," Gartner Research analyst Carolina Milanesi said.
The iPhone contributes half of Apple's revenue and the majority of its profit, so Cook needs to dazzle both Wall Street and consumers. He is praised for having sustained Apple's breakneck pace of growth since taking over last year, but the jury is still out on whether he has the innovation and marketing genius of the late Steve Jobs in the long run, analysts said.
Weekly options are implying about a 3 percent move for shares up or down between Monday and the close of trading Friday, a marginal fluctuation, said TD Ameritrade chief strategist J.J. Kinahan.
Even though few tech experts expect the new iPhone to mark a sea change in smartphone hardware technology, Wall Street analysts are still expecting Apple to sell 10 million to 12 million phones in September alone.
Apple's selling proposition against Android has long been a combination of a sleek hardware design, smooth integration of content between various Apple devices, and larger ecosystem of applications, music, games and other media that are not available or transferable to rival devices.
While Android is open and has a free-for-all approach, Apple's closed system ensures consistency and drives consumer loyalty, which in turn provides incentive to all-important developers to continue to invest in the platform.
But some developers say it's difficult for new apps to stand out among the half-million or so applications in Apple's store vying for attention. Others say they are also eyeing with great interest the emergence of Amazon.com Inc's Kindle Fire, an attractive option because of its iPhone-like ease of payment.
"The biggest single event is when there is a new iPhone," said Ben Liu, chief operating officer of mobile gamemaker Pocket Gems, which owns popular iPhone games like Tap Zoo. Developing for Apple's platform is attractive because of the "stickiness" and "interoperability between all of Apple's devices," he added.
Apple telegraphed many of the software changes to expect in iPhone 5 when it debuted iOS 6, its latest mobile operating system, in June.
The new iPhone will improve on the search capabilities of its Siri voice assistant and will use Apple's own mobile mapping service instead of Google's software. Other additions include turn-by-turn voice directions for navigation, and a new in-house app called "Passbook" that organizes a user's electronic airline tickets, movie tickets and restaurant loyalty cards.
Most of the attention on Wednesday will thus revolve around hardware advancements such as dimensions and screen quality.
In addition to a bigger screen, the new iPhone will come with a 19-pin connector port, instead of the proprietary 30-pin port, two sources familiar with the matter told Reuters in July.
(Editing By Tiffany Wu, Edwin Chan and Richard Chang)

Top rumours about Apple's iPhone 5

Apple Inc distributed invitations to an event in San Francisco on September 12, setting the stage for what is widely expected to be the release of the iPhone 5.

Here's a look a the top rumours about the most-anticipated Apple device till date:

#1 The new screen could measure 4 inches from corner to corner, one source has said, an increase from the 3.5-inch display that has been held constant since the smartphone began selling in 2007 and revolutionized the mobile industry.

#2 A technology blog, 9to5Mac, that got hold of a purported photo of the next iPhone, say that the new phone would be taller than the previous iPhones, but not wider like many of the Andriod phones available today.

#3 The leaked images also show that the back panel appears to be covered in metal and the headphone jack is on the botton of the phone now.

#4 Apple Inc's new iPhone will drop the wide dock connector used in the company's gadgets for the best part of a decade in favour of a smaller one, a change likely to annoy the Apple faithful but which could be a boon for accessory makers. The iPhone 5, Apple's next generation iPhone expected to go on sale around October, will come with a 19-pin connector port at the bottom instead of the proprietary 30-pin port "to make room for the earphone moving to the bottom", two sources familiar with the matter told Reuters. It would mean the new phone would not connect with the myriad of accessories such as speakers and power chargers that form part of the ecosystem around iPods, iPads and iPhones, without an adaptor.

#5 The phone will have an advanced technical capability of LTE (Long Term Evolution) wireless network that would give all phone carriers a chance to sell their fastest data services to Apple's base of iPhone customers. LTE technology is much more fragmented than the previous third-generation wireless technology, making it more difficult to make LTE phones that work seamlessly around the world.

#6 The next iPhone, is expected to come with a built-in chip which can serve as your credit or debit card for small payments. Tech savvies looking at leaked images of the internals of the device have spotted what they believe is an NFC chip within the phone. NFC is seen as the successor to the chip-and-pin, serving as a small contactless card that can be waved against scanners at tills to automate a payment, the Daily Mail reported.

#7 Audience Inc , which makes chips used in Apple Inc's iPhones, said its top customer is unlikely to use its technology for the latest iPhone. Audience's chips improve the voice quality in mobile devices by filtering out background noise, and the company supplies these to Apple's contract manufacturers like Foxconn International Holdings Ltd and Protek Ltd.

#8 Vietnamese tech news site tinhte.vn, has speculative images of the newly designed earphones that could accompany the new iPhone.

#9 Photos that are believed to be that of the next generation iPhone's motherboard that have surfaced on the WeiPhone user forum, show that a SIM card slot that seem to be smaller than the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S.

HCL MyEdu and HCL Me Tablet U

HCL My Edu is priced at RS 9,999. It comes with on board NCERT Text Books.Keeping pace with the edutainment features of latest tablets in the market, HCL has come out with its HCL MyEdu Tab 1 and a slightly relaxed version HCL ME Tablet U. HCL MyEdu has a 2 MP  front camera which is a significant addition to 0.3 MP camera of its sibling HCL ME Tablet U. ­­­Both these Tablets run on the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, powered by a 1Gh processor.
HCL MyEdu Tab 1 focuses on the education and helps students to learn lesson according to their grasping capacity. The MyEdu tablet has a self assessment feature that lets the learner understand his advantages and disadvantages. If you are a parent, this device helps you to understand the overall progress of the child that is recorded after each stage of completion of the course. HCL tied a knot with the NCERT to develop an app consisting all the syllabus related books. The  tablet which is priced, Rs. 9,999 has resourced rich multimedia content on technical and professional skill along with assessments and other apps. A more advanced version of the tablet, MyEdu Tab K12 directly aim at K12 students. This particular version of the tab cost 11,499 including the device, content, memory card and the above mentioned NCERT books.
HCL ME Tablet U tablet share almost identical spec leaving behind the educational utility. This tablet is priced at Rs 7,999 and has 17 preloaded apps. The new HCL store allows the end user to install apps over the air from a repository of some 1000 and more apps. It also provides connectivity options such as USB full, USB mini. The 4GB internal memory is expandable upto 32 GB. Like the majority of other tablets in the budget level, what irks the customer is the lack of foresightedness to include SIM card and 3G. The USB full port opens up possibilities to connect to the 3G network through the external dongle. HCL offers a hand full of goodies worth Rs 3000.
HCL new launch is seen as a direct attack on Aakash Tablet and Micromax Funbook. HCL as a company with reputation in India expects to be in the driving seat of Indian tablets with its latest releases.

Tablets: Just for Games and Videos?

not just a pastime gadget, not just a video player or net browser. The tablet can do a lot more for you.Do you have a tablet? What do you do with it? Some sure variables in your answer will be - play games, watch videos and browse the internet. Are our tablet habits corresponding to what they really stand for?
Tablets are the buzzword in every electronics shop overcrowded with Tablet enthusiasts. The expectations of each person who bumps into Tablets offered by multitude of companies, starting from the so called local brands to the highly priced international brands, differ with regard to the penny left in his/her pocket. All eyes are on the tablets which have a high entertainment prospect, regardless of what segment they belong.
For some, the tablet is nothing but the extension of their Smartphone. They want to experience better access and seamless internet connectivity in a wider screen along with high resolution videos and games. People's attitude towards Tablets is like looking forest for the trees. They give the minutest attention to the specification, which they believe can best fulfill their desires, usually ending up in playing games and video playback,  thus forgetting the larger benefit of a tablet.
If tablets were to fulfill only the multimedia necessities of its users, what difference does it makes when compared with handheld game consoles? The tablet manufacturing companies rather than trying to remove the scale from the eyes of their users are trying to gain profit from the fallacy of their consumers who consider it as an entertainment platform. Companies now focus on equipping their devices with more video formats and embedded games, intentionally shutting off their wisdom to incorporate connectivity solutions and apps that can bring the office into the hands of  wide-travelling users whereever they go.
This precludes the possibilities of using tablets as an eBook reader, mobile office manager, edutainment device and most importantly as a communication gadget. The expectancy of battery life is assessed with regard to the number of hours it can work after continuous exposure to playing games.
Tablet users should realize the larger avenues offered by tablets and make decisions based on informed  thinking rather than falling prey to the whims of the manufacturers. Let's try to realize the huge potential that these handy gadgets hide inside them. When looked from  a different angle tablets are more cost effective devices than netbooks, with added features like 3G connectivity and SIM card support. It is the bane of tablets that such a high profile gadget is treated as a mere entertainment utility.

Can Tablets replace PCs and laptops?

The PC, Laptop, Notebook, Tablet or the Smart Phone?The arrival of Windows8-powered Surface Tablets is sure to unsettle te oligopoly of Google's Android and Apple's iOS. Tablets that run on Android and iOS were just offshoots of a single stem: the Smartphones. With no added features and apps, except high-resolution screen and some USB ports, tablets did not cast any magic on the users. Windows was waiting for the right moment to pounce and grab the opportunity; this resulted in the disclosure of their undercover operation on a tablet that runs on the latest Windows 8 Operating System, which is yet to be released.
Tablets never became an intimate gadget for any of its users other than for the ones who got it as a gift. One major reason for this is that compared to a Smartphone, the tablet is a less portable device; but with an identical interface and similar functions, except for the bigger screen. I have seen people going haywire after losing their Phones; but in case of Tablets, people are concerned only about whether the game or a movie they were playing has stalled or not. For obvious reason: one gives her heart only to someone who best understands it. Tablets never became integral for the purpose of communication. Though many of them came with the latest 3G to 4G connectivity, its users never thought of using it beyond watching movies, playing games and at times checking the mail.
Where did the manufacturers go wrong?
Deciding that the tablets can become future mobile alternative made a mess. When people prefer 'small is good' it is absurd to believe that a 7 inch screen can penetrate into their communication habit. Microsoft's decision to go ahead with a tablet that works like a regular laptop is not an out of the box thought. Microsoft tried to accomplish this even in 2000 by coming out with its Windows Tablet Computer, which failed miserably in the market.
The failure was the result of the companys' lack of farsightedness.  However, gaining inspiration from the users' frequent interaction with mails, social media and other online apps, windows designed the new Metro style operating system Windows 8, with Homescreen becoming the gateway for many applications. Its one touch access belittles all the existing interfaces in the tablet industry.
Addiction has never stopped gadget hoppers from moving from one brand to another. This is evident when we think of mobile phones. The once glorious Nokia Symbian had to heed to the pressure from the Android mobiles and was forced to pitch in Microsoft to rescue them from the market ditch. People like to experiment with new gadgets, if they move forward buying Tablet with full PC functionality that means the irritating alarm bell will start to ring in the rivals' ears, signaling that it is time to revitalize the existing technology.
The innovation in technology is not something built overnight. Many heads rub each other to form a conclusion on creating new devices. True about the creation of Tablets too. A long trail is left behind during assembling of a Tablet, which has the latest specifications.
Rather than the addition of peripherals the trend seeks for reduction of protruding extensions. A series of such expulsions can be seen from the era of desktops until the now popular tablets. Integrated virtual keyboards replaced the physical keyboards seen in PCs and laptops; the mouse is almost dead, with the integration of touchscreens with better precision and one touch access. Earlier processors used to be room heaters, such was the noise and heat they radiated; over time processors became 'Atoms', leaving no trace of their existence.
We can neither ignore the past generation of gadgets (of humans too), nor can we stick on with the old paradigms. Tablets may be a future revenue generator or in the passing of time, they may surpass Laptops and Ultraboooks in performance and better user experience. Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet or whatever, when new brilliance puts in better devices, for the poor ones, doors open to the garve of electronic waste.

Karbonn Smart Tab 1 – A torch bearer

The Karbonn Smart TabKarbonn (the company which came up with low budget mobile phones and Smartphones even before the Chinese wave that swept the mobile industry a few years back) has entered the Tablet computer industry. Karbonn launched its first budget level tablet Karbonn Smart Tab 1, in the first week of May this year. Karbonn has left a clue inside the name 'Smart Tab 1' that hints at the future wagons' of tablets that may follow this release. Smart Tablet, priced RS. 6,990 is fielded to battle with Micromax Funbook and Aakash tablets, that are targeting the edutainment aspect of the tablets.
Karbonn Smart Tab 1 runs on the Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich. The 1.2GHz X-Burst single core processor and the 7-inch display gives macho performance to the new comer in the industry. The 2 M P front camera, HDMI output and expandable storage up to 32 GB are all features that compete with other Tablets in the same segment. What lets down the user is the exclusion of 3G facility and SIM, which tablets in the budget level are trying to incorporate into their devices.
Karbonn is confident that the new tablet can deliver 7-8 hours of battery life for continuous video playback or Web browsing. Though the device hurts for its negligence of 3G, Smart Tab 1 has USB ports that support external USB dongles.

Tablets: Are They for You?

The tablet computersTablets are taking over the role of laptops and netbooks as the most flexible mobile computing device till date.
Microsoft came out with the idea of Tablet computers and introduced the Windows Tablet PC in 2000. Though Microsoft failed to carry forward the hype into a commercial success, many companies came up with different variants of Tablet Computers. The most notable among them was Microsoft's born rival Apple. Apple came up with its iPad in 2010, followed by a jam-packed queue outside its istores for prebooking iPad, thus depressing all its rivals. Apple's iPad reversed the concept of Microsoft Tablet PC as a business-purpose mobile computing device to an entertainment-and-media-oriented consumer product. Even though iPad became the bagpiper that attracted a majority of elite class, the gadget hardly attracted the middle class and laymen due to the high price tag. Sensing this trend in the market a hand full of companies gathered to manufacture tablets with reasonable price, so as to attract the more thrifty segment of customers.
Meanwhile, Microsoft plans for a stiff resistance through its first hardware product 'Surface', a Tablet loaded with the upcoming Windows 8 RT operating system.
The tablet wave took some time to reach India. This is expected of a country that lags behind technology as a result of the digital divide. The diffusion of tablet innovation filliped after the Human Resource Development (HRD) ministry launched the economical Aakash project in collaboration with Datawind, a British company. This triggered a spark that propelled the leading mobile manufacturers in India to come up with economically priced tablets, with features circumventing some high brand names in tablet industry. MicroMax, Karbonn, HCL, Beetel and Reliance are some familiar Indian brands along with government's Aakash, competing in Tablet industry.
Appearances can be deceptive
Rather than taking for granted the propositions put forward by companies and putting your hands on the Tablet, test-use it to make sure that what you saw was not just a mirage.
In the race against time, tablet manufactures are giving emphasis to design. This is for attracting the not-so-techie section, especially the youth, before they are enlightened. In the recent times, Apple's iPad has become the touchstone for the reviewers who assess the performance of latest tablets. This doesn't mean that iPad is fee of glitches (The recent iPad 4 has come under the scanner for its poor battery performance).
Apps vs Specifications
Tablets are now shifting their focus to built-in apps rather than their technical specifications. With the arrival of Aakash, tablets have moved a step further by spreading its wings to the edutainment sector.
For tablets that run on Android and iOS, apps can be installed over-the-air from their dedicated app stores. Other than this facility the hardware developers are now setting goals to make their products a stand out by pre-loading apps that are exclusive to their brand name.
A hand full of connectivity options, both wireless and wired is inducted into tablets. Bluetooth and WiFi are two common connectivity options available in tablets. In addition to this USB, HDMI and 3G are now becoming popular. The tablet industry is showing a downward trend in price and an upward surge in incorporating maximum available features.
Tablets seem to have a prospective future in India. Multi brand competition is expected to further slash the cost of this gadget. Though tablets are yet to live up to the hype, companies hope that more Smartphone users will shift to Tablets as their media manager.

Reliance Tablet: Great Specs, CDMA connected

Reliance tabletReliance came up with its Android powered CDMA 3G Tablet in the latter half of 2011. Reliance communications is the first mobile service provider to venture into the tablet industry in search of fortunes. They rolled out this tablet collaborating with their Chinese hardware partner ZET. The device ran on Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system.   The tablet which came under the price tag of Rs 12,999 was a new addition to the economic tablets that started showing up after the announcement of Aakash Tablets. Now reliance has come out with an upgraded 3G Tab with a better processor and a 3MP rear camera. The price hike is not overwhelming but it has been increased to 14,999, an increase of Rs 2000 when compared to the older version.
The Reliance 3G Tablet (CDMA) has a 7 inch screen with 512 MB RAM and a 4GB external storage up to 32GB. The 3G facility is an added feature unlike many economic tablets available in the market. The deficiency of the tablet is its OS. The latest version of Android 4.0 Icecreamsandwich is a lot better than Gingerbread when it comes to improved performance and debugged apps.
Most low budget tablets ignore the rear camera, the reliance 3G Tablet is an exception to this. The 3 MP camera in the rear is a feature attributed to the premium tablets in the market but reliance tapped this feature into its new release. The front camera supports video call and thus makes full advantage of its 3G connectivity. Built in apps include Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Reliance has embedded its premium products, Reliance TV and BigFlix in the new upgraded version of the tablet. The Reliance 3G Tablet is bundled along with offers worth Rs. 6,500, which is an additional benefit for the customer.
If one can tolerate Android Gingerbread, the Reliance 3G Tablet is a better option among the economic tablets. Technical specifications are the best when compared to other tablets in the same price segment. Reliance has their ball rolling in the tablet manufacturing industry.

Funbook: Affordable Edutainment Tablet

Micromax Funbook: Tall claims on technology for educationFunbook from Micromax has received jolts and pats from its users. The 7 inch 1080 resolution tablet, fielded into the market with preloaded edutainment apps was expected as an agile response to the India government's Aakash tablet that targets the educational sector.
Like many other low budget tablets, Funbook is moulded around a plastic body, with the rear coated in faux aluminum. If you are one among those with a loose hand, Funbook is not the right choice as it is lightweight and lacks grip. Funbook runs on the Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest Android operating system, but has retained some unnecessary Android buttons that are available virtually.
Users have encountered frequent hanging and forced turnoffs when they tried opening multiple applications. The wake up duration after sleep and the response time for opening apps are slower than on other Tablets in the same range.
If you are OK with these shortcomings, Funbook offers a lot of multimedia apps which makes it worth a catch. The browsing experience stands at par with the best tablets in this sector. The premium edutainment apps open up wide possibilities for children to enjoy learning experience. The tablet comes with Google Play Store, the company's official app store for installing apps over-the-air.
The multi-touch resistive touch screen has the best sensitivity when compared to other economic Tablets available in stores. Micromax has included 2800 mAh battery in its latest Tablet, which gives 5-6 hours backup. The 3 MP front camera offers video chat facility. It will be uneven to think of a rear camera in a Tablet that comes with a price tag of Rs. 6,499.
Though the new Micromax Funbook is embedded with more features and apps than any other tablet classed in the Economic segment, the caveat is poor user experience. For a beginner in mobile computing devices, Funbook is a definite choice. But for those who look forward for faster operations and glitch-free user experience, it may be a little frustrating. This budget-tablet suffers in many aspects, but for go-getters who are stuck with a budget of INR 7000 or less, it is a prime option.

Amazing Alex to be released soon

Rovio, the Finnish makers of the phenomenal game 'Angry Birds' are up with the next wonder. Their latest game runs a whiz kid 'Amazing Alex' endowed with 'boundless imagination, and a houseful offun toys'.  Rovio claims the game is loaded with unending fun saga along multiple levels and platforms. Hundred challenging levels, four exciting locations.
The fun world of Alex offers lot of opportunities for experimentation and creativity. This fun world has a hidden treasure of implicit incidental learning.
Alex comes ready to take you on multiple platforms—iOS, Android versions come first and Windows version follows suit, and has already roused a lot of enthusiasm on the web world.
Wallpapers for mobile and iPad are already available.
Meet Amazing Alex on his video here


Pirate Bay founder held in hacking probe

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - A co-founder of the free file-sharing website Pirate Bay was extradited toSweden on Tuesday to begin a one-year jail sentence for breaching copyright laws and was held by authorities as part of a separate hacking investigation.
Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, a 27-year-old Swede, fled to Cambodia after being convicted in 2009 of Internet piracy in Sweden. He was arrested in late August and extradited on Monday.
On arrival in StockholmWarg was detained on suspicion of hacking into computers at a company that manages data for the Swedish tax authority.
The Prosecution Authority said in a statement it wanted to question Warg as part of an investigation into data infringement involving outsourcing firm Logica and the tax authority.
The hacking of Logica's systems was discovered in March. The tax authority said at the time the hackers had gained access to information on several people with protected identities.
The trial of Svartholm Warg and three other backers of Pirate Bay, one of the world's biggest free file-sharing sites, marked a victory for Hollywood studios that took Sweden to task for failing to protect copyright.
The four men denied any wrongdoing.
Svartholm Warg appealed that verdict but failed to attend the hearing, citing a medical condition. He subsequently surfaced in Cambodia.
Launched in 2003 and still running despite the legal action against its founders, Pirate Bay provides links to music and movie files stored on other users' computers.
Swedish subsidiaries of prominent music and Hollywood film companies sued the company for damages. Media firms have also taken steps to block the site in other countries, including the Netherlands and Finland.
Svartholm Warg landed at Stockholm's Arlanda airport on Tuesday before being taken into custody at the city's central police station, said Swedish police official Bertil Olofsson.
Pirate Bay says it does not hold copyrighted material on its servers and that no exchange of files actually takes place there, so it cannot be held responsible for what material is being exchanged.
The organization that now runs the website is registered in the Seychelles.
(Reporting by Niklas Pollard; additional reporting by Anna Ringstrom in Stockholm and Pral Chan Thul in Phnom Penh; Editing by John Stonestreet and David Cowell)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

India suffered $8bn loss in 2011

Norton in its latest cybercrime report says India suffered a whopping $8 billion loss due to cybercrimes in 2011. The report estimates a global loss of $110 billion due to cybercrime over the past twelve months.
According to the Norton Cyber Crime Report 2012, about 66 percent of Internet-connected Indian adults have fallen prey to cybercrime once in their lifetime. Globally, the figures say over 1,15,000 people are victims of cybercrime every day, which is about 80 cases per minute.
The report further says that about 32 percent of Indian adults have been victims of cybercrime in the last year. About 22 percent of users of social networking site have suffered cyber crime, while 15 percent were victims of fraudulent links.
Norton in its report points out that about 14 percent of users of social networking sites do not check links before sharing. But 57 percent of users of social networking site are equipped with a security tool to keep such threats at bay. Globally, only 44 percent of users have a security tool in place.
The report goes on to say that only 56 percent of Indian users are aware about the cyber crimes and how to stay away. Some 67 percent of users only get to know they have been attacked when their PCs crash or work slower.
“Cybercriminals are changing their tactics to target fast growing mobile platforms and social networks where consumers are less aware of security risks,” says Marian Merritt, Norton Internet Safety Advocate. “This mirrors what we saw in this year’s Symantec Internet Security Threat Report9 which reported nearly twice the mobile vulnerabilities in 2011from the year before.”
The report also hints that many online adults are unaware as to how some of the most common forms of cybercrime have evolved over the years and thus have a difficult time recognising how malware, such as viruses, act on their computer. In fact, 40 percent of adults do not know thatmalware can operate in a discreet fashion, making it hard to know if a computer has been compromised, and more than half (55 percent) are not certain that their computer is currently clean and free of viruses.
“Malware and viruses used to wreak obvious havoc on your computer,” Merritt continues. “You’d get a blue screen, or your computer would crash, alerting you to an infection. But cybercriminals’ methods have evolved; they want to avoid detection as long as possible. This year’s results show that nearly half of Internet users believe that unless their computer crashes or malfunctions, they’re not 100 percent sure they’ve fallen victim to such an attack.”

Nokia could launch entry-level Windows Phone 7.5 handsets, says report

Nokia may offer entry-level Windows Phone 7.5 devices by the end of the year, according to DigiTimes.
Citing the usual "industry sources," DigiTimes said the new phones would be aimed at users in emerging markets, which are considered more price-sensitive.
The hardware requirements for Windows Phone 8 are stricter than those for its predecessor, demanding a dual-core processor and support for near-field communication (NFC). Those features would be difficult to add to more entry-level and mid-level phones, according to the sources, prompting the need for less pricey Windows Phone 7.5 devices.
CNET contacted Nokia for comment and will update the story when we get more information.
Last week Nokia unveiled its upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices, including the Lumia 920. Considered the new flagship phone, the Lumia 920 offers a host of features courtesy of the new OS, such as wireless charging and NFC.
The company got into a bit of hot water this summer when it announced that owners of current Lumia devices would not be able to upgrade to Windows Phone 8. The only option available is an upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8, which provides the new new Start screen but little else from the new operating system.
Nokia vice president Kevin Shields has promised that the company will keep investing in Windows Phone 7 and that developers will continue to build apps for both version 7 and version 8 of the OS, DigiTimes added.